Telstra 4G expanding at 25,000 devices per week

Telstra 4G expanding at 25,000 devices per week

Telstra has added 3.4 million 4G devices since it launched the network two years ago.
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The telco said it has been experiencing a 23 per cent increase in demand for data every month, as more and more 3G customers switch to superfast 4G network.

“There has been unprecedented demand for superfast mobile services over the last two years,” said Warwick Bray, group executive director Telstra mobile and Wireless.

“Since launch, we have activated more than 3.2 million 4G devices on our 4G network. This includes more than 360,000 4G smartphones since June 30 this year, or more than 25,000 per week.”

Telstra has about 15 million devices on its network according to its 2012-13 financial results and about 20 per cent of devices are connected to new generation 4G devices.

“It is a sign of the number of customers moving to 4G and the total network growth is largely driven by the 4G demand as we see total 3G traffic starting to slow,” said Mike Wright, Telstra executive director networks.

Telstra has 100 construction teams across Australia building base towers at a rate of up to 100 sites a week. Telstra said it will add 1,000 new towers by Christmas, covering more than 85 per cent of population.

The company also introduced a new suite of measures including shared data plan and lower international roaming fees to boost customer services in an increasingly competitive 4G market as other major telcos ramp up their own 4G networks.

“Customers have been telling us that they like to share their data allowance amongst multiple devices and we have launched that now,” said Mr Bray.

Telstra also introduced measures to address customer dissatisfaction over over-priced international roaming charges. Rivals Vodafone and Optus also unveiled new measures recently to address international roaming related bill shocks.

Telstra will increase its international data allowance five folds.

The original release of this article first appeared on the website of Hangzhou Night Net.