Shift thinking on NBN: Google boss

Shift thinking on NBN: Google boss

Google wants to partner with Australian government services. Photo: Tamara Voninski Google Australia managing director Maile Carnegie wants the company to be more involved in Australia’s digital economy future. Photo: Danielle Smith
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Google’s new Australian boss Maile Carnegie has expressed frustration that the broader economic benefits of the national broadband network are not being recognised as the global internet heavyweight has positioned itself behind the high-speed infrastructure project.

In her first interview since taking charge of Google Australia in July, Ms Carnegie has outlined plans for Google to better contribute to Australia’s digital economy.Read the full interview

”I look at the energy around the NBN. At the moment, it’s focused around cost. I’d love to talk about the benefits and how we can change the rhetoric, from cost to disruption.” she said. ”It feels like we could be on the cusp of renewal but I’m frustrated that we’re not recognising the benefits.”

As the former Australian boss of consumer goods multinational Procter & Gamble, Ms Carnegie’s appointment underscores Google’s shift from technology company to recognising its role as an advertising and marketing business.

On the subject of Google attracting attention for the low rate of corporate tax paid in Australia, the company insists it takes a global approach to tax rules.

”We comply with tax laws in Australia and paid over $2.5 billion in corporation tax globally last year, with an effective global corporate tax rate of almost 20 per cent,” Ms Carnegie said.

Elsewhere, she pointed to the British government’s push to have most public services online – and the cost savings and efficiencies drawn from this – as an example of where Australia should be heading. Ms Carnegie wants Google to partner with the Australian government in such initiatives.

She said she had reached out to Communications Minister Malcolm Turnbull since the election.

”We’ve had a good relationship with the Liberals and I’m sure that will continue.”

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